moving fresh

Our history

ABC Logistics has been the self-employed logistics service provider of Best Fresh since 2010. However, our knowledge and experience extend back to 1928. Nowadays, ABC Logistics has become an established name in the fruit and vegetable industry, with the construction of an entirely new warehouse in 2020 as the most recent highlight.

Our conviction

We are aware that our industry is highly dynamic. Changes come quickly, and quality is constantly demanded. The only way to survive in this market is to be reliable, flexible and customer focused. Which is why ABC Logistics is the connective link between grower and retailer, showing respect for people, the environment and society.


One of the spearheads of ABC Logistics is keeping an eye on people and the environment. Important aspects here are sustainable methods and investments. In the last few years, for example, we have been installing solar panels on the roof, implementing energy-saving cooling techniques, using the residual heat from cooling installations to heat the office and warehouse, and forming a partnership with CSR Westland. In this manner, we are trying to reduce our impact to a minimum.