Smarter handling, higher quality

Handling is inextricably connected to the fruit and vegetable trade. At ABC Logistics, both quality control and packaging operations are in trusted hands. As a specialist, we are perfectly aware that handling is an aspect that contributes to optimal quality.

In-house quality control

As a retailer, you justifiably set high standards for fresh produce. ABC Logistics’ inspectors set high standards too. They monitor the quality of each product in three stages with a trained eye. A first thorough check on fruit and vegetables arriving in the warehouse, a second during one of the frequent inspection rounds of the stock and a third now products leave the warehouse, packed and ready. Quality management is a high priority at ABC Logistics. In this way you can be sure that fresh is really fresh.

Handling product

How would you have preferred to have seen your products? Sorted, repackaged or re-stacked, provided with a new outer box or a sticker? Custom packaging is one of ABC Logistics’ specialties. In our warehouse, we can meet your requirements to a large extent. Not only customer-focused, but efficient as well. Advanced automatization results in a more competitive cost price.